A Lazy Blogger Playing Catch-Up, Part II

I hate that I had to break this post into parts but I
a) didn’t want to have one long and drawn out post
b) didn’t want to bore you to death and
c) am just that important.

In the beginning of June I went home to Nova Scotia. I know, right? Back-to-back vacations. Lucky me! Chris wasn’t able to come unfortunately, so I went alone. I was home for two glorious weeks and while there, I was able to see my sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces and nephew, my mom, my dad and step-mom from Colorado, my cousin from Toronto and my aunt from Calgary, plus a bunch of friends and Chris’s family, too. It was so, so, so nice to be home.

My brother-in-law’s surprise 30th birthday

Since getting back to Yellowknife, it’s been a whirlwind summer so far, hence the extreme lack of blog posts. The summer in YK is beautiful beyond belief, and the great thing about this town is that everyone knows how perfect our summers are. They’re definitely not taken for granted! We’ve had sunny 20º-something days for the last five weeks, and coupled with 24-hour daylight, there’s no reason to do anything indoors, ever. (Except work.) The bikes are always on the go, being driven to and from work, out the 20K to Yellowknife River, around Frame Lake trail, through some Tin Can Hill trails, and then some. We go for walks and runs all the time (I just ran my first 10K last week!), and of course… Softball!!

Last year we both played on a D-League team for Chris’s old company. This year we were lucky to join a C-League team (aptly named “I’d Hit That”), and for a bunch of strangers who hardly knew each other at the beginning, we’ve formed almost a family and have been doing really well at our games. We still play for Arctic Sunwest, and I also sub in for another D-League team regularly. Playing for three teams sounds like a lot but I love the game so much that it doesn’t feel like enough! I’ve also gotten out for some (much-needed) batting practice with a few of the guys from the C team, which one day resulted in a ball to the mouth and a very, VERY fat lip.

Immediately after it happened

And four days later. –Note the baseball hat – on my way to a game :P

After a sick day from work to ice it for six hours, a bit of makeup and a lot of jokes about getting into a barfight, it finally healed and all is well. And now I have a good story. :)

So just yesterday Chris bought a little 1971 Honda mini-bike from some guy in town. It’s his summer restoration project, and it’s not a piece of crap! (Hooray!! Spouses of mechanics, rejoice!) It actually ran last summer, its’ tires still hold air, and there are over 4,000 parts on eBay which should make this a quick and easy fixer-upper.

And finally, just today was the Yellowknife International Air Show. It was a perfect day for it, though after six hours in the sun I’m completely wiped. Definitely worth it though, we got to see the CF-18 team, the Skyhawks, an F-86 Sabre, Griffon helicopters, SuperDave and his MX2, and the fan favourites, the Snowbirds. I didn’t take much for photos, but here are a few of the ones I did take!

The Skyhawks

The Snowbirds

Me and a DC-3

And from this day forward I solemnly swear to post more and be lazy less. Signed, Heather.

Thanks for reading!

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