Biking Season

It’s time to start getting excited for summer! The weather in Yellowknife has been beautiful for the last two weeks. Temperatures above freezing, blue skies, and bright sunny days – with the exception of one day last week, when it actually rained! Liquid precipitation! We haven’t seen the likes of rain since October, over six months ago. The weather’s been so nice that the sidewalks have been filling up with walkers, joggers and bikers, and it wasn’t long before we joined that crowd.

Last year, Chris sold the car and bought a new bike for the same amount of money. (Great bike, crappy car.) I had bought one at a yard sale which was serving me just fine. Then when he bought his (a Kona Blast), I had sudden bicycle envy and wanted to join the ranks of hydraulic disc brakes and rapid-fire shifters. I couldn’t afford it then, and days and weeks went by, and suddenly it was winter. As the snow started to melt this spring I realized that I should buy myself a bike, and then, that I could buy myself a bike. So into the store I go, “just to see what they have in stock”, and I spot an aqua mountain bike standing out from the sea of black and blue frames.

It was love at first sight! Without even riding it I knew I wanted it, and a week later after they built one for me, it was love at first ride. It had been sitting upside-down in our living room for a few days, when Chris and I decided we would go for the first bike ride of the season on Saturday. That quickly changed when, after doing a 6K jog, I could hardly even walk on Saturday. So we rebooked for today.

We didn’t go far or see anything exciting, but we biked the 10-kilometre loop around town, then back up through town, stopped at a friends house for a chat, then home. I’m still getting used to the hydraulic brakes – I’m so used to squeezing the hell out of the brake lever I almost went head over handlebars – but it’s a sweet ride and I’m super excited!

And with biking season comes many other exciting times: camping, softball, picnics, hiking, festivals, events, and midnight sun!

7 thoughts on “Biking Season

  1. A beautiful bike Heather! What a gr8 feeling after a long winter, to finally see and feel dry earth beneath your feet….or in this case beneath the tires of your new bike! I’ve never been to Yellowknife in the spring, so I have to live vicariously through you and Chris!! :) Enjoy the long, sunny days and the long awaited opportunity to exercise without a ton of winter clothes and boots!

    • I must admit it was nice to feel soft earth under my feet, let alone under my bike tires! The spring here is so sudden and short, before I know it it’ll be summer. Although I had to scrape frost off my windshield this morning, I think it’s time to pack away the Goose!

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