Life Updates

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without a blog post! I’ve been busy lately, between work and my mom visiting, I haven’t had a chance to write lately. I love this blog and I won’t let it slip into the depths of the internet’s forgotten and abandoned blogs. Fear not, loyal followers (all three of you)!

Mom came up on October 1 and she stayed with us for a week. It was wonderful having her here. She was our first visitor so I was a bag of nerves when meeting her at the airport! It was surreal to see her walk through those doors. Our cab driver was really sweet, and she helped me in pointing things out to Mom on the drive home. We managed to do a lot while she was here. We saw Dave Brosha‘s exhibit at the museum, along with the usual museum fare including the aurora TV which we had a blast with. We drove out to Prosperous Lake (thanks to Adelle and Tyler for loaning us their Jeep!), walked the Frame Lake Trail, saw a movie, showed Mom around the unit I work on at the hospital and Chris toured us through Arctic Sunwest, we stopped in to Buffalo and got some stuff at Buffalo AirWear, and we did a bit of shopping at the visitors centre, the galleries in Old Town, the glassworks place, Weaver & Devore, and the malls. We also had an incredible meal at Fuego, where Tyler happened to be playing live. And if you can believe it (I can’t), the whole week she was here we didn’t see a single aurora. It was cloudy most nights, and the one night that it was beautifully clear and with an aurora forecast of 6.5/10, there was nothing. NOTHING! We stayed up until 0130 waiting for something to show up. Then the day she leaves, what comes out that night? Beautiful northern lights. Argh!

Anyway, Mom says that’s a good reason to come back sometime soon. I’m trying to convince her to come in the winter, but I think she’s considering visiting in the summer instead. Either way, I can’t wait until she comes back. And until we get another visitor!

The Yellowknife Sign!

After Mom left, Chris and I made a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Since turkey is out of the question, we made this tofu “meat”loaf that my sister (also vegetarian) sent us. It was delicious, and the whole meal was amazing. Pumpkin pie and lattes for dessert, mmmm. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

A vegetarian Thanksgiving

In other news, it’s snowed here three times in the last two weeks. We’ve had temps below freezing but it’s been hovering at or just above freezing, enough to delay freezing the lakes and bringing snow. I’ve heard from many people that there is usually permanent snow on the ground by Halloween. Here’s hoping! I just watched the season premiere of Ice Pilots and it’s made me so¬†excited for winter. Plus, Chris has fixed up my sled so she’s in better condition than ever, and he bought a ’98 Arctic Cat from a friend of mine which he’s dying to drive. Some people may hate winter but we love it. Bring it on!

2 thoughts on “Life Updates

  1. Hi Heather,
    Just wanted to say thanks so much for a wonderful week. You were an awesome hostess! I will be back to see the northern lights and, maybe, even in the winter :) Keep writing your blogs; I really enjoy them!
    love, Mom

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