Yellowknife webcams

There are a few ways to see Yellowknife without actually going there.

The first is a webcam situated in Old Town, looking out toward Great Slave Lake. You can see that here. **EDIT (03 January 2013): This webcam currently isn’t working. I don’t know who owns it, so I can’t go knock on their door and tell them to put it back up. Otherwise, believe me, I would!

The second is the Canadian Space Agency’s AuroraMAX camera, which captures the entire night sky. You can either watch it live during at nighttime, or watch replays of last nights northern lights. To watch last nights replay, go here.

Finally, some people take videos of the drive through Yellowknife. This guy took one at midnight on June, and this guy took one in January.

I’ll definitely be taking some videos once I get up there!

12 thoughts on “Yellowknife webcams

  1. Yellowknife seems like the only community in Canada without a working Web Cam, so I guess I have to ask what kind of a backwater place is it ?

  2. Makes me want to visit the NWT’s to see the wide diversity of our N. American continent. I’m from Washington state and sort of see the world through those blinders. Maybe I will come north sometime but I most certainly will do it in the summer.

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